Daily Instax November 5 - 18

Super busy fortnight again!
Sleepy babies! + big goof 

Woke up to this + a nice walk at the park 

Woke up to THIS another day! + pretty flowers

I love this boy, but I can't take him with me to my new rental - the fence is too low. I've found him the BEST family EVER (7 kids!!). I couldn't ask for better - as you can see he's in love. I'll have him for a bit longer, but then he will live with them. I'm gonna miss him but I can visit and he will have a great life

I had to go to work and he looks at me + looking after a gorgeous Maine Coon 

Sometimes you need a frappe (obsessed) + this is Bentley and he's gorgeous

Mum being assaulted at dinner + more flowers! Love them so much 
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo

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