Breakup Songs

So I've been listening to a LOT of music lately, and I started a playlist for songs that feel kind of empowering and make me feel better about my recent separation! I hope you enjoy some of them :-)
Taylor Swift - Bad Blood 
Of course I have to include some T-Swift! This song is so good to sing angrily in the car!
Phoebe Ryan feat Blackbear
I've never listened to Phoebe Ryan before, but this song is a current jam! 
Florence + the Machine - Shake it OUt
Another new group for me! This has some really great lyrics, I love it 
Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry
I've heard this song, but it's never really resonated with me. I've been loving it lately!!! 

Kesha - Woman 
Oh boy. Ohhhhh booooy. THIS SONG IS AMAZING. Kesha, girl, her latest album is just speaking to me so much lately. I freaking LOVE IT and cannot recommend it enough 
Have a good one, 
Megan xo

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