Friday Fancies

Did you have a good week? I had an awesome week because Jurassic World was finally released! You may know that Jurassic Park is my favourite movie ever - I reckon I've seen it 50 times - and I've been waiting for years for a new film. I am happy to say I really enjoyed it and will definitely see it a few more times!
JayJays have released a couple Jurassic World shirts - I need to go and check them out!
It's a donut beanbag...and I need it 
I think (know) this will be my next paint by number purchase! 
How cute is this Animal Crossing DS pouch! 
Mochi Things
Mochi Things always have amazing stuff. I love this pouch
Urban Outfitters
I reckon my cats would eat this, which is a shame because I loved these things when I was a kid
Awww - it's a little fox Link! So cute!! 
Have a great week! Go see Jurassic World!
Megan xo

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