Daily Instax May 21 - June 2

So, I took quite a few photos with myself in them this fortnight, which is new for me! And I only have 13 photos to share, so that next time I can get this post ready on a Tuesday for the Wednesday, instead of rushing to do it ON Wednesday! It was starting to irritate me! Here we go 
The black gazelle that lives in my backyard + classic Violet, sitting in the sink
Mum and I watching Eurovision + it's getting SO COLD
My friend adopted another dog - Boris <3 + I went to a cat psychology seminar and decided this had to be my photo?
I left the room for 10 seconds and she stole my seat + a ghostly looking Noah
These two have been  getting along a little better + Grill'd and Mad Max with Nathan!
Forcing my love upon Violet + the best photo of us ever - Nathan looks so cute here!!
I can now fit into the work out top I bought AGES ago! I love it! (from Active Apparel)
Take care
Megan xo

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