Daily Instax June 3-16

Phew, I've been busy lately! I just handed in all of my assignments and I finished my animal studies course! I feel so good, but have so many plans for the next few months and new ideas brewing so I am excited!
The cats love sleeping on windowsills + it looks like Amos is wearing a monocle
I used Noah to prop this up and quickly had to yank it away from him! + I saw my Nana for the first time in ages!

Tried to take a photo whilst Nathan was driving and it turned out cool! + my new plant stand from Bunnings
I accidentally covered the flash on the camera haha + Ikea with my friend  - we had so much fun
So cranky + working on assignments all day long
Nathan looking cute in the robe my Mum bought him + cranky marshmallow

A lovely gift from my friend on our last day of TAFE + creepy cats
Take care
Megan xo

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