New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I thought I would write a blog post about my New Years Resolutions, that way if they are out in the open and people can see them I will be more likely to achieve them...right?!

  1. Take care of myself 
  2. Create things (cook, sew, draw, write, craft!)
  3. Learn to use my sewing machine!
  4. Do yoga at least twice a week
  5. Stay on top of my university work 
  6. Get up earlier on weekends
  7. Be organised & tidy
  8. Get a new job 
  9. Blog frequently because it's fun!
  10. Try more new things
  11. Take more photos
  12. Watch more movies with Nathan
  13. Read more (possibly do the 50 books challenge)
  14. Work in the garden more & create a vegie patch
  15. Try to keep saving money 
I don't think these are too difficult, so I am optimistic!
What are your resolutions?!


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