My Inspirations: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a big inspiration for me. Now, I know what most people think of when it comes to Martha Stewart but to be honest I am not worried about that, I like to focus more on all the awesome things she does!

She's a smart woman, who cares for animals and runs a highly successful business! She has her own lines of homeware, crafting items, house paint and even houses themselves (and more!)! Plus her magazines Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings are both fantasic.

Her pets are the cutest!

Sharkey & Francesca

Here she is with her Chow Chow Ghengis Khan. He's so fluffy!
She also has several cats 
And donkeys! Not to mention heaps of other animals on her farm 
She inspires me to bake more and to cook delicious food, she inspires me to craft and to make my home as beautiful as it possibly can be. I really admire her and she is one of my biggest inspirations!


P.S Sometimes she has Snoop Dog on her show and that is amazing 

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