Animal Testing

I am a passionate animal lover. I love nearly all of them (except cockroaches!). 

I am a vegetarian and am completely against animal testing!!

To put it simply, certain companies keep adorable and helpless little animals (cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs - anything they can get their hands on) in cages and test their products on their eyes, skin and actually feed the products to them. It's disguting and cruel. I am getting teary just thinking about these poor things. Imagine if they were your pet bunny, kitty or puppy...shudder.

I don't think they should be putting ingredients into products that they need to test because they might hurt people,  and who thought this would be a good idea in the first place?!

So, I only buy cosmetics that don't get tested on animals. If I get beauty boxes or samples I will link to whether or not the manufacturer tests on animals and I will be giving those products to friends or family to use (better not to waste them I think).

I use PETA's list (I do not agree with everything PETA does but I do agree with treating animals a million times better than what we do) to figure out who tests or not, and also I usually google 'COMPANY animal testing". Sometimes it's hard, and I have bought products before to find out later they actually are tested. We can only do our best I suppose. 

Sometimes there are certain things that have to be tested according to law...this is where it gets complicated. For instance MAC have products that I adore, but they are owned by Estee Lauder who test when the law says they have to. What are we supposed to do?

If you would like more info on animal testing click here
WARNING - images of animal cruelty 

Here is a good link for products sold in Australia that are not tested .
And here are some cute animals to make you feel better 
How could anyone hurt them? :'-(
Megan xo

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