Friday Fancies

Hello! This week has been great! I finished TAFE for the year on Monday and our last day was spent swimming with dogs at our teachers business, and it's my birthday today! Nathan will be home early to take me to lunch and then we can hang out all day! 
My first favourite is of course the Jurassic World trailer, it's no secret that Jurassic Park is my all time favourite film and you have no idea how excited I am to see this next year!
FantasticalFunShop on etsy
The cutest triceratops clips! 
CustomRebelRocks on etsy
I am in love with this necklace 
I actually bought this for next year! It gives you a new prompt each day 
I love note cards, but I always think "oh these are too nice to use!" - I would be the same with these
MiGoals on etsy
Awesome notebook (and bonus this etsy is Australian)
Active Apparel
The perfect t-shirt 
ilikeCATSshop on etsy
Little fat cat necklace :-) 
That's everything! Have an awesome weekend!
Megan xo

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