Blue Mountains - Scenic World Katoomba

Recently Nathan and I started going on more bush walks (well, we've been on two haha) and the Blue Mountains are just so beautiful I decided I need to share them! 

Starting with our first walk at Scenic World in Katoomba. There's a boarded walkway which is nice, however the walk down was full of scary little steps but it was still fun! 
The Three Sisters are just amazing, and I loved this waterfall.
This just made me smile, how lovely!
There was a gigantic old tree, it was so massive I could hardly see it all.
This is the path that was there, as you can see they just built it into the bush
There was also a grotto during the walk down with water trickling down - it was so pretty!
 This huge tree had it's middle burnt during a fire, so they built a seat into it? As you do.
Check out this dork.
We were tired by the time we walked the 45mins down and then the 45mins of the walking track, it doesn't sound much but the walk down was hard because we aren't used to it and I was holding on for dear life for a lot of it so my muscles hurt haha. We decided to catch the Scenic Railway back up, which is the steepest train track in the world...oh my goodness...I was SO scared it was hilarious! The view was spectacular but I didn't get any photos because of the fear and all. 

It was such a nice walk, we will definitely go back one day!
Megan xo


  1. it looks so beautiful! I hope I can visit one day.

  2. Oops I just saw this! I hope you can visit too! There are some really beautiful places and I know an amazing vegan cafe to take you to :-)