Daily Instax November 5-18

Up to something + flowers in my garden <3
Terrible photo of me with my awesome Mum + one of my besties visited from Melbourne and we ate lots of food
Beautiful walk in Springwood + me and my baby boy
Sleepy Peach + me trying to finish assignments (this happened a lot - I was so tired haha)
I got a close up lens for my instax and had fun testing it out
My little study buddy + I was going to take a nice photo of Nathan and I said "oh, is it OK if your tattoo is in the picture" and he said "yeah that's fine I mean who...." and stopped...he was going to say "who reads your blog?". How RUDE. I'll have you know I have a few followers!! So I took this pic haha. He actually meant his family doesn't know about my blog, but still! Haha I'm a classy lady
Sleepy marshmallow + it's not too early for a few Christmas decorations right?
Take care!
Megan xo

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