Photo An Hour - November 2013 (My Birthday!)

A few of my favourite bloggers do a Photo an Hour post each month, and they are one of my favourite things to read so I thought I would have a go! I decided to do it on my birthday as I thought it might be turned out to be 37 degrees which was way to hot to go outside if I didn't have too, so here is my wonderful day spent inside!
9am - Birthday breakfast - an apple muffin and iced coffee
10am - Animal Crossing time. It was Harvest Day and my birthday so double cuteness

11am - Final Fantasy X is being re-released in March,  but I really wanted to play it again now!
12pm - Violet was lounging in front of the fireplace with my favourite Christmas decorations
1pm - organising my new Christmas tree ornaments from Myer <3 
2pm - time for lunch (it was hard to get a good picture of my avocado!)
3pm - wrapping my first Christmas present of the year - I am in love with this paper
4pm - figuring out what to wear to my birthday dinner with Nathan
5pm - treating myself to a Dr Pepper...and more Final Fantasy X...
6pm - Nathan came home early and we got ready to go out for dinner. Noah was hovering 
  so I decided he had to be in the photo and we took this very attractive picture! 
  (Please note I was trying to smooch him and he really wanted to get away haha)
7pm - I opened all my presents from Nathan and his family, and this little one decided to get involved
 8pm - we went out for dinner and shared mars bar cheesecake for dessert...oh my 
9pm -finally, my present from Nathan! A pink Instax camera and a heap of film! So awesome
I had a really great birthday and was spoiled by Nathan and his family. I will do another post this week to show off some more gifts because I received some awesome stuff! 
Take it easy. Megan xo 

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