Christmas Gifts 2013

Hello! I hope you had an amazing Christmas if you celebrate it, and I hope you didn't have to much family drama! I am pretty lucky, we had my Mum, my brothers (Glenn and Paul), and Paul's fiancee over for Christmas dinner. We had a really fun afternoon of eating lots (my future sister in law is vegan so we got to eat lots of salad and roast veggies - so good), hanging out, and playing with my cats! We also all spoiled each other, so here is what I got! 
Glenn gave me this awesome board game! 
Paul and Shana got me these figurines to add to my Walking Dead collection! I'm lovin' Michonne's eyebrows!
My Mum always gets me Disney DVDs and this year she got me The Jungle Book and my second favourite, The Little Mermaid! (My favourite is Beauty and the Beast). She also always gets me knickers, but I'm not showing you those, you perv. 
These I received after Christmas. We do a Secret Santa with Nathan's siblings, and my sister in law Pauline had me and this is what I received. I love getting books I've never heard of, and I love getting books about food even more! I can't wait to try some of the recipes in this one. 
The last 3 gifts are from Nathan. This cat is from one of my favourite shops ever, the New Age store in Springwood. They have EVERYTHING in that place, I love it. 
Nathan also got me this owl, he knows how much I love owls! I love how surprised he looks. I've named him Nigowl (get it...Nigel...Nigowl...haaaa I make myself laugh and that's the main thing).
Finally, my favourite gift! Nathan bought me Lego Marvel Super Heroes! I am a huge fan of the Lego games and this one is pretty awesome. I might actually try something new and review it on here...maybe! 

So that's everything, a pretty good haul I think! I had the best Christmas and I am so ready for 2014! 
Have a good one,
Megan xo


  1. Can't wait to see some Vegan cupcakes :)

    1. Oh, you will! I can't wait to eat cupcakes haha