Friday Fancies

Howdy! I hope you're well and having an awesome day :-) 
This lipstick is so pretty and it's supposed to change colour based on your pH! How cool! 
Hard to Find
This vase is kind of tacky but I love it?? 
Memento Mori
Super cool cat skeleton pin 
Sara Kilpin 
I am so in love with Sara Kilpins Lord of the Rings and Hobbit art works - they're gorgeous 
A Beautiful Mess 
I really want to try this DIY - they look so pretty 
Good Good Pins
A perfect pennant for my wall! It's currently on sale too so I am tempted to check out the postage...
Have a lovely weekend, 
Megan xo 


  1. OK that's weird lipstick. What colour does it start out as?

    1. This one is meant to become your perfect shade of pink. I couldn't help myself, I ended up buying it so I will try to remember to report back to you! It's so pretty though, with the little flower in it