Daily Instax 2017 January 15-28

You may notice that I took a lot of photos of myself in the last 2 weeks...and of Noah...
Snuggling with a towel? + donuts someone gave us at work (which we desperately needed after surgeries!)

Breakfast waffles + saying farewell to my BFF of 17 years - she's moving to London. These fake tears were soon replaced with real ones 

Being cooked by the sun + Having cuddles with this little girl at work 

He has to be involved in everything + Nathan and I went rollerskating and I didn't fall down!

I felt cute so I had to take a pic + stinky stinking up my car

So many photos of Noah + I took care of my friends goats!!! They're kinda evil 

Now a photo of me AND Noah! + check out this crazy idiot 
Have a good one,
Megan xo

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