You've Got Mail 2016 #29

I got some pretty sweet mail this week!
This adorable envelope from Deborah-Anne in Canada 
She sent me these super rad stickers! Are they Lisa Frank? I don't think Lisa Frank was a thing in Australia!
From my girl Kat in San Fran 
Kat sent me the most AMAZING pins! Look at how great they are!!!
 And this weeks outgoing
To Tasha in the UK
And I'm holding onto this one, it will be hand delivered when I go to a pen pal meet up!!! YAY! 
Have a good day,
Megan xo


  1. You have the most amazingly talented friends, what with their cool envelope decorating skills. Meanwhile, whenever I traipse down the post office they're all like "don't put anything on the front or the machine will send it back.