Daily Instax August 26 - September 8

Daily instax time!
Trying desperately to get some of our pizza + hanging with my girl Louise! 
Raffles! (we didn't win) + babies at work <3
Boris & Isadore are so cute!! + Amos and a new toy I bought him that he instantly loved 
Crank + Violet testing the strength of something I made from IKEA 
Uncle Nathan and Luke + I saw this sign on Father's Day, so cute! 
Snuggle bum + check out this beauty that was in our yard 
After I took this she scratched my face + the jasmine is blooming and smells AMAZING 
Have a lovely day,
Megan xo


  1. So, just quietly, Louise is still cute as a button (is that a creepy thing to say? Shhh! Don't tell her I said that).
    Also, OMG Lukey!

    1. Yes she is the cutest!!! And Luke is too cute!!!