My Office

Since we moved to the Blue Mountains I've been slowly making my office (I love calling it that, even though I just bum around online in here!) perfect and here are a few pictures of the stuff I have on the walls in here:
This poster is from Aimee Fleck and I got the cat shadow box and all of the little animal figurines from Candy Striped Cloud (they had an awesome sale on!)

The wall above my desk! My TFIOS poster from DFTBA, my inspiration board, a picture of Kathryn Janeway, a Chat Noir poster from eBay and a few other bits and pieces including a picture of Nathan and I at the zoo with a powerful owl!
My inspiration board is a bit bare at the moment, but these are some of my favourite bits. An Ankh Morpork City Watch badge I got at a Discworld con a couple of years ago, my Fat Vegetarian badge and some stickers from Aimee Fleck . (Also a Pet Barn gift card I got for Christmas haha) 
I love this poster from DFTBA! Also a Mewlin Rouge birthday card from Nathan and an inspiration poster I printed out from here.

Finally, a large poster I bought last week in Newtown from Blue Dog Posters. I love it!
So that's all for now! Just a peek into my office. I plan on doing one soon for my desk and maybe even my bookshelves.

I hope you have an amazing week
Megan xo

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