Meet My Cats: Peach

We got Peach in February 2011 from the RSPCA. She was 2 years old and named Acacia (did NOT suit her) and my brother suggested we rename her Peach and it just suited her so nicely.

We fell in love with her at the RSPCA and there was someone else there adopting a cat and I was SO scared she has chosen Peach. 

Peach, AKA precious, angel, fluffy, fluffernutter, Machu Picchu, little fatty, fluff butt, stink butt (seriously), precious angel girl, baby, cutie, sweetie. We don't mean to baby her, but come on...look at her!
 She is the sweetest little kitty in the whole world, but no one gets to meet her because she is also the biggest scaredy cat ever. Only 2 of my friends have seen her and the only people other than us who have patted her are my brother in law who cat-sat for us for 2 weeks and my Mum who happened to find her hiding place! She runs away from EVERYONE.
She is pretty affectionate with us when she feels like it! She likes to bite your fingers and lick you...
She pees in shoes and baskets of clean laundry (very, very occasionally!), but we forgive her because she is so sweet... 
She meows A LOT. And I mean A LOT. You touch her, and she meows, meow at her and she meows back. No food in the bowl? You will know about it! 
"MEOW...I mean...ROOOOOAR!"
She only gets into bed with us if it's freezing outside, and never within arms reach.  She is the sweetest little girl and we love her a lot. I think she is Nathans favourite (only because she doesn't wake us up at 5am!), but I love both my cats equally. 
Megan xo

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