May Faves

Hey! I really like doing monthly favourites and I'd like to start actually doing these every month! I kept a little list of things I was loving all month (so organised) and here they are!

I have been OBSESSED with Stardew Valley. I downloaded it on Steam and I play it waaaay too much. It's a farming simulator but there are so many things to do and everything is so cute! This is my little character and her adorable little farmhouse. Once I finish this post I'm gonna go play more...
This Is America...oh boy, this song is SO GOOD. The filmclip is effing amazing and Donald Glover is just killing it lately. How does he have time to do all the things he does??
 My favourite snack this month has been these watermelon Sour Patch kids. Holy shit, so addictive.
And this is a weird fave, but I bought these socks from Coles recently and they're so comfy! They have those little grips on the bottom so I don't slip on the floorboards, and I think they were only $8 for 2 pairs so they're reasonably priced too which is always a bonus! Hooray for cold weather!
My last fave is this playlist on Spotify...I've been putting this on, setting a timer, and falling asleep to the sound of rain every night and it is so relaxing. I swear it's been helping me sleep better. 
What have you been loving lately?
Megan xo 

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