My Daily Journals

I love journals. Hell, I just love stationery in general, but using it is even better than looking at it! I have a few journals that I use every single day and thought I'd share them! 
Leuchtturm1917 from Milligram 
This is my beloved Bullet Journal! I use it every single day for my running to do lists and to keep track of where I'm supposed to be! I also use it for bigger to-do lists and keeping notes on important things. 
 I added this little card inside that I think my Dad sent me, it makes me feel good!
Cotton On
This crazy glittery notebook is my stream of consciousness journal. I try to get all of my thoughts out about whatever I'm stressing over or whatever craziness is going on in my brain! I find it really helpful and it's fun to decorate it a bit inside too!
Book Depository
Finally, every night I fill out this One Line A Day journal with a little snippet of what I did during the day. Mostly it's boring, but sometimes it's a little bit more exciting!!
Do you keep a diary or journals?
Megan xo

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