Daily Instax March Apr 9 - Apr 22

Time for more instax!
Violet watching Nathan eat very intently - Peach having a nap on Nath <3 

What I woke up to!!!! + rolly poly girl 

Violet considering my Dad + Nathan shaved his beard off and left a mo...for 2 seconds! 

Easter egg from a client!! + looking after a bunny during Easter <3 

Amazing leaves + sad boy 

Frozen yoghurt for my friends birthday + Peach slept on a pizza box....??

Cheese dinner with friends + 1 year anniversary of our Blue Mountains freinds group!! 
Have an excellent day,
Megan xo

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  1. From your shared images, You seem a lively person. You having your pet animals, your friends and family also. Its good to see that you are spending a really nice month