Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you've been having a great week - my week was pretty exciting...
RedRage77 on etsy
I signed up to join a roller derby team! I'm a little excited (a lot excited) and I found these amazing toe guards. Do I need these? I don't know - but when I find out if I do I will buy them. Be prepared for many roller derby inspired fancies in the future!
Pillow Talk
I feel like I'd wear this and just flap it around the lounge to annoy Nathan 
Active Apparel
I totally bought this for training....just making sure every knows I'm a nerd
This notebook is so gorgeous! 
Really want a pinafore for autumn/winter! 
CoolQueenCollective on etsy
It's a John Snow Globe...amazing 
Have a wonderful weekend
Megan xo

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