Friday Fancies

Hello! Only 2 weeks til Christmas now, and I've only bought 2 presents...SHOCKING! I keep finding things that I want to buy for me!
sweetandlovely on etsy
This is possibly the most perfect ornament I've ever seen and I wish it was on my tree! 
PrintyMuch on etsy
I love constellations and anything with my zodiac on it!
TheSilverSpider on etsy
I love Kimmy Schmidt so I definitely need this pin!
AirFriend on etsy
How pretty are these little gemstone planters! So cool 
Ruby Pilven
I'm so bummed these necklaces are sold out because I would've bought one! So pretty
And as per usual, Modcloth have the best clothing. This skirt is PERFECTION 

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope your gift buying is going well if you celebrate Christmas!
Megan xo

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