Enchanted Forest Colouring Book

I have another new obsession, which seems to be a really popular thing right now - adult colouring books. Now, I don't mean saucy colouring books (but who am I kidding, I would totally buy one of those), but colouring books targeted towards adults. I bought one on special lately, check it out.
It's so pretty
The pages inside are so cute!
And magical
Ah! It's so perfect
Do you have any colouring books?
Take care
Megan xo 


  1. "Adult" coloring books - actually a thing xD Hard to find on Amazon, though, because a search for adult ones turns up these cutesy ones, no longer the adult themed ones, ha!
    I like this idea, that coloring is no longer a crazy thing to say that I enjoy doing, but I would not be caught with one of these kinds - far too tedious of a job (same as I could never do the wonderful paint by numbers that you do!). Last coloring book I had was a Toy Story one, and only got rid of it recently because Pinterest...I've got a Pinterest board of all the characters I need to color xD

    1. Haha I am so going to look for a cheeky one!

      And same, I've always loved colouring books, it reminds me of the stack my Nana had in her house that I would colour when I was there. I love the tedious ones myself, they're satisfying when you finish haha