Thoughts on Motivation

Do you ever have trouble getting motivated? Recently I was in the biggest funk ever and I couldn't seem to snap out of it. I couldn't get motivated to exercise, read, blog, make things, write letters, - pretty much anything. I read every blog post I could find that promised to tell me how to get my motivation back and they're all the same and none of them really helped.

I decided to make this post to try to motivate myself, and share a few ideas of how I got myself out of this funk
  1. Write it down - Simple. I find I have too many thoughts, "oh man I have to do this this AND this but then this thing is more important then them all" and I tend to get overwhelmed and then I don't do anything. I think writing everything down and then prioritising them is the best way to begin
  2. Don't multitask - This I am guilty of soooo bad! I get distracted easily and start a new book, or a new crafty thing and forget what I was doing before. I just have to finish the thing that I am doing, then it is DONE!
  3. Get up earlier - Sleeping in is amazing, but when I wake up at 11am I've missed a good chunk of the day and the cats are all starving to death. I find I get so many things done if I am up at 7 or even 8!  
  4. Don't feel guilty - If you do have a bad day and don't do anything you needed to do, don't stress and make yourself feel bad. Personally, this makes things ten times worse and I am more likely to remain unmotivated. However if I say "oh well, I didn't do this but tomorrow is a new day I can do it then!", I find that I do feel better!  
  5. Do something fun - Listen to music, sing or dance, cheer yourself up and it might just make you feel good enough to do something on your to do list! 
Of course, these are just things that work for me, everyone is different. I'd love to hear how you motivate yourself! 
Megan xo 
(P.S I totally made that picture on paint)


  1. This post is great! I'm always having a hard time getting motivated, and even with the lists and the getting up early, I still find myself spending a lot of time not doing anything productive. Especially at the end of the year, I think you feel it more. Getting ready for a fresh start, a new year... my motto is "Don't Panic, Just Start!" I wish it worked more often :D :D
    <3 Molly

    1. Thank you! And I like your motto! I am so excited for a fresh new year :-D